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Sanitary ware resin use common problems and solutions

1. Cylinder problem

Formation reason: acrylic plate is too thin. After the formation of the diamond horn thin, can not withstand the resin curing temperature, resulting in the plate becomes soft wrinkle, burn out.

Solution: Increase the thickness of acrylic plate or first in the thin diamond corner position on a layer of resin to thicken, play the role of protective layer, this layer of resin curing (still in the sticky state) and then paste on the surface of glass steel.

Formation reason: the weather temperature is too high.

Solution: reduce the curing ratio or increase the filling material component, can reduce the curing temperature of resin; Can also be divided into two or more production, reduce the heating temperature.

Formation reason: excessive amount of cobalt water, methyl ethyl ketone, resulting in high curing temperature of resin.

Solution: adjust the curing ratio.

2, resin corrosion on the plate

Formation reason: the hardness of the plate is lower or the plate is thinner.

Solution: Replace the plate with higher hardness or sweep a layer of resin thickening in the thinner diamond corner to play the role of protective layer.

3, the product surface sticky hand

Formation reason: resin curing is not complete

Solution: Increase the ratio of resin curing, especially in cold or wet weather.

Formation reason: stone powder, fiber and other auxiliary wood damp

Solution: For the storage of auxiliary materials, it is necessary to ensure that they cannot be stained with water or damp. When the weather is humid, the materials can be baked before use

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