Huizhou GoodUPR Compites Ltd.

GoodUPR-China's Leading Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Our company was established on December 30, 2009, address:  F-22-3 Honghai base, Yonghu Huiyang, Huizhou. The total factory area is 20,000 square meters. The products produced are mainly unsaturated polyester resins (including non-reinforced resins and reinforced resins),  Products are suitable for surface coating, casting, pultrusion, glass fiber reinforced plastics, etc. At the same time, it produces vinyl resin and sells glass fiber products.

We are committed to promoting "one-stop" service and building "best environment, best service" projects;  using advanced technology and production process equipment at home and abroad,  we will provide customers with high-quality and stable products for a long time. Technical and management personnel with  more than 18 years of experience in the production of unsaturated polyester resins at home and abroad are committed to  the research and development of new products. At present, the products include resins for handicrafts, molded products,  and glass fiber reinforced plastic products. There are 15 categories of products. nearly a hundred species. We have  developed a series of high-grade resins,  especially special products such as crystal transparent resins and pultruded resins,  which have been recognized and praised by customers.


Through painstaking efforts and management, our company has consolidated its position in the industry. In the enterprise innovation and social evaluation, our company has won the honors of high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Province "abide by contract and honor" enterprise. In terms of safety and environmental fire protection, our company is a member unit of the fifth Council of Guangdong Province Fire Protection Association, and a member unit of Huizhou Huiyang District Special Equipment and Standardized Measurement and Quality Association. In terms of school-enterprise