Resin for Molding product


· Product specifications and parameters

1019 Unsaturated Polyester Resin

1、Feature And Application:

1019-----Suitable for produce ordinary molded manhole cover products;

Product Feature : It has good operability and processing performance. It is o-benzene unsaturated polyester resin with high viscosity and high reactivity. It has good surface effect and high production efficiency after molding.


3.Application Suggestion:

This resin is a non pre - promoted resin,Test using medium temperature OT curing agent,Because of processing process and processing product characteristics difference、Intrinsic gelation time of resin Drift characteristics,Whether to add accelerants,It is necessary for customer to test before use.


1) This product will coagulate due to self-aggregation when heated.Should be stored in a cool and ventilated place,Avoid direct sunlight exposure, Avoid contact with oxidants.Shelf life is 3 months at 25ºC,If storage temperature or direct sunlight, the shelf life will be shortened.

2) There are many factors affecting resin performance during processing,It is necessary for customer to test before use.The company reserves the right to modify the above technical data if necessary.






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