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The role of plastic stone

Also known as plastic grinding stoneThe use of plastic grinding stone: plastic stone (resin stone, plastic stone, resin abrasive, plastic abrasive) is an abrasive material for surface treatment, used for aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper and other materials stamping, die casting, sheet metal after the front, removal of burr, obedience to spot removal, chamfering, de-scaling, rust removal before plating fine grinding, often used in furniture hardware (such as handles, locks, etc.) and luggage hardware (such as belt buckles, bag buckles, shoe buckles, etc.).Plastic grinding stone mainly has two shapes: conical and positive triangle, and users can choose the specifications of plastic stone according to the shape and size of the product. The main applications of vibratory grinding polishing machine, drum grinding polishing machine, centrifugal polishing machine, vortex finishing machine injection can also be customized according to customer requirements non-standard specifications of grinding materials.


Liquid unsaturated polyester resin

Liquid unsaturated polyester resin grinding stone is a plastic stone abrasive that can be made,What to pay attention to is that for polishing abrasive materials, mainly refers to the choice of grinding medium, and the material of the workpiece is very related, because the main medium in the grinding material is very many varieties, such as brown corundum grinding polishing abrasive, corn cob abrasive, walnut shell abrasive, high-frequency porcelain abrasive, alumina abrasive, zirconium bead abrasive, steel ball, etc., they have their own characteristics and adaptability, proper use can make the surface of the workpiece get a smooth and bright surface, the use is not good enough or may also play a counterproductive effect, That would be more than worth the loss. Therefore, whether the selection of the grinding medium is correct or not can directly play a decisive role in the quality of the surface of the workpiece. In addition to grinding and polishing abrasives, polishing abrasive fluids, grinding brighteners, etc. are the keys to determining the surface quality of workpieces.


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