Application in molding field


· Product application


SMC applications:

1、 Application in automobile industry

1) Suspension parts front and rear bumper, instrument panel, etc.

2) Body and body parts, etc.

3) Underhood components, etc.

4) Interior decorative parts, etc.

5) Other electrical components such as pump cover, as well as drive system parts such as gear sound insulation plate.

2、 Application in Construction Engineering

1) Water tank, etc.

2) Shower supplies, etc.

3) Purification tank, etc.

4) Building formwork, etc.

BMC applications:

1、 Electrical components

Low voltage: RT series, etc; High voltage class: insulator, insulating cover, etc.

2、 Auto parts, light transmitter, etc.

3、 Motor parts, etc.

4、 Daily necessities, etc.

Molded applications:

Unsaturated resin can be widely used as grinding stone in industrial production, and is widely used in polishing.

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