Frequently question and solution of Tiles & Sanitaryware production

Tiles & Sanitaryware UPR


1、Burning cylinder problem

Formation reasons:Acrylic plate is too thin.Corner thin after sanitaryware shaped,Can not withstand the resin curing temperature, resulting in soft, wrinkled, burned out plate.

Solution:Increase the thickness of acrylic plate or apply a layer of resin to thicken the thinner corners,as a protective layer,After this layer of resin is cured (it is still sticky), then covered surface with fiberglass.


Formation reasons:The temperature is too high.

Solution:Reduce the curing ratio or increase the filling material,Can reduce the resin curing temperature; Can also be divided into two or more times to reduce the heating temperature.


Formation reasons:Excessive amount of cobalt water and methyl ethyl ketone leads to high curing temperature of resin.

Solution:Adjusting curing ratio.


2、The resin corrodes the board

Formation reasons:The hardness of the plate is low or the plate is thin.

Solution:Replace the higher hardness of the plate orapply a layer of resin to thicken the thinner corners,as a protective layer.


3、The surface of the product is sticky

Formation reasons:The resin does not cure completely.

Solution:Increase the resin curing ratio, especially in cold or wet weather.


Formation reasons:Stone powder, fiber and other auxiliary materials damp.

Solution:Storage of auxiliary materials should ensure that they are not moistened or affected by moisture,When the weather is more humid, the material can be baked before use.


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