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Advantages of marine composites

Composites have a higher strength/mass ratio than traditional metal structural materials, and composites are used to build hulls and structures with lighter weight and better performance in terms of fuel consumption and increased speed. At the same time, composite materials also have the advantages of corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, good plasticity, etc., therefore, since the advent of composite materials has been playing an important role in the shipbuilding industry, the application of research on ships has always been the focus of attention of major shipbuilding countries.

Marine Grade Resin

Composites have great advantages in marine applications, and accelerating the design and development of composite materials is the main problem that hinders their application in ships. The future development direction of marine composite materials is first of all the improvement of the design process. The development trend of composite materials lies in the design and manufacture of high-performance and low-cost composite materials, promote the development of composite materials from non-bearing structures to primary/secondary bearing structures, expand from local use to large-scale applications, and increase the research and development and application of composite materials, so that they have the characteristics of low cost, high performance, multi-function, optimized connection, longevity, safety and reliability. From a single bearing function of structural composite materials to a multi-functional composite material with the characteristics of bulletproof, sound insulation, sound absorption, damping, radar stealth and other characteristics, while supporting the development of composite structures and between the steel structure and the steel structure convenient and reliable connection technology.Another development direction of marine composite materials is to conduct a comprehensive study on the design, process and manufacture of composite materials, formulate a unified and standardized design standard, and carry out research on the performance evaluation technology of composite materials. On the basis of the current research on the performance of composite materials, the focus is on the typical structural units and local models of composite materials, and the test of performance parameters such as aging performance, fatigue performance, flame retardant performance, explosion resistance and impact resistance is carried out, and performance test methods covering composite material samples, typical structural units and local models are formed, so as to promote the large-scale application of composite materials on ships.

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