• Fields of application

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    Industrial construction field

    With its good strength and resistance, FRP composite materials can make the design lighter and lighter while taking into account the environmental protection requirements. Yes, more and more designs use resin and other composite materials as raw materials, and are widely used in the field of infrastructure construction. Such as airport apron, underground pipeline, etc.

    Architecture and crafts

    Artificial stone is widely used in public buildings, such as hotels, restaurants, banks, etc., and is also widely used in home decoration, such as kitchen countertops, washbasins, etc.

    Molding field

    Compression molding is a process in which powdered, granular or fibrous plastics are put into a mold cavity at a molding temperature, and then closed and pressurized. It is widely used in electrical appliances. Automobile, railway, construction, bathroom and other fields


    Composite materials are also widely used in military industry, shipbuilding and other fields.